Why Use LouderVoice?

It's a fact: no single element drives web sales like personal recommendations.

Why should I use LouderVoice for customer reviews?

LouderVoice provides a customer Review & Rate solution which can be embedded on any web-site in minutes. It provides the following proven benefits for web-site owners serious about their online activity:

  1. Increased sales conversion
  2. Invaluable customer feedback
  3. Distributed marketing on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Distinct SEO boost
  • On-site reviews have been shown to improve sales conversions by up to 40%.
  • No single element drives web sales like personal recommendations.
  • A 2009 Nielsen survey, the largest of its kind, shows that 70 percent of Internet consumers worldwide trust consumer opinions posted online
  • Forrester Research survey tells us that 34% of online merchants say social media marketing increases sales.
  • Facebook Connect and Twitter integration turns customers into evangelists for brands on the two leading social media platforms
  • All reviews are also shown in summary form on with links to client site, providing a clear organic SEO benefit

Return on Investment

You can quickly see the return on your investment:

  1. Did sales conversions improve?
  2. Has organic search engine traffic increased?
  3. Has the number of referrals from other sites increased? Particularly those traceable to
  4. Have there been more mentions of your brand via reviews on Twitter or Facebook?
  5. Were any of the comments posted by a customer useful to your organization or instrumental in you making a change in policy, price or syntax?

Finally, was any of the above or the combination of the all worth €49.00+VAT per month?

If not, you can simply cancel the subscription giving 30 days penalty, no loss.

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