Our alpha rocks!

By Conor O'Neill | November 28, 2006

After a short delay, we had our prototype Alpha walkthrough today and it really is a humdinger. It’s now at the “show it to someone and they’ll get it instantly” stage. Sure there are a few small bugs and it hasn’t had a Trinny and Susannah makeover for the design but it just feels right.

We bounced a few ideas back and forth on expected user behavior but you could spend from now until eternity doing that. We’ll just have to get it into the hands of some users to see what they do.

I’ll beat it up over the next few days and if it’s hanging together well, some of you may be getting a begging email from me asking you to try it out and give me your confidential feedback.

The current plan is to have the Beta of the prototype ready just before Le Web 3. If it is looking good and there is any interest, I may do a corridor demo or two.

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