Blogger out of Beta but where are the Python libraries?

By Conor O'Neill | December 21, 2006

It’s great to see the new Blogger come out of beta, it is a big step forward from the old one. But I find it strange that they seem to be deprecating all the old APIs whilst only providing Java, .Net and PHP libraries for the new APIs. I’m surprised that a company that does so much in Python, employs Guido van Rossum and just bought YouTube which, according to Guido, is written in Python (wow!), does not have ATOM/GData libraries available in that language.

We obviously have to support publishing to Blogger when we release which means a bunch of extra work compared to the old version. Any chance some effort could be thrown at the Python libraries by the masses of Google developers so our January is not completely crazy?

On a side note, Google dev people seem to be really bad at blogging – months go by on many of the blogs without a post.

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