What is LouderVoice?

By Conor O'Neill | January 24, 2007

Finally the question is answered: LouderVoice is all about reviews but with a BIG difference.

Instead of expecting you to spend time and effort writing reviews for us, we’re about your reviews on your blog building your reputation.

We provide the tools that enable you to publish structured reviews to your blog (hReview for the techies out there) and we’ll help everyone else to find your reviews, read them on your blog and then rate them and relate them to reviews by other bloggers. Our job is, above all, to be useful.

What if you’re not a blogger? If you want to write reviews but don’t have a blog, you can get a ReviewBlog on LouderVoice. You need no skills other than a desire to share your knowledge and opinions of services and products. So whether it is movies, music, restaurants, technology, toys or tools that you care about, you can review them in a few simple clicks.

If you ever decide to set up your own blog elsewhere, we’ll help you to move your reviews too.

Your reviews belong to you!

If this sounds interesting to you, head on over to the Beta Sign-Up page and enter your details.

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