WordPress 2.1 and still no ATOM 1.0?

By Conor O'Neill | January 24, 2007

I was very surprised to see ATOM 1.0 did not make it into WordPress 2.1, especially considering I installed a third party implementation months ago (can’t remember from who at this stage) . Sam points the guys to plenty of implementations.

All feeds from LouderVoice will be ATOM 1.0.

UPDATE 1: I actually read this post by Matt before I blogged and somehow managed to completely miss the mention of ATOM. Here’s looking forward to 2.2!

UPDATE 2: I’ve installed 2.1 on one of our blogs. Impressions so far are good. The rich text editor is slow but appears to be far far more intelligent in its treatment of html. The “this is spam” in the moderation emails is a simple but much appreciated addition. However I seem to be unable to logout from the admin panel on both FF and Flock but I can on IE7! All plugins that I use seem to be solid. I’ll be upgrading this blog and the Argolon one later.

UPDATE 3: Of course, I forgot we were using FeedBurner to provide all our feeds as ATOM 1.0 anyway. As soon as the new ATOM code makes it into WPMU, I’ll be grabbing a nightly. There is an ATOM 1.0 plug-in for standard WordPress right now, I may check to see if it also works with WPMU.

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