If you've been waiting for a Beta invite

By Conor O'Neill | February 6, 2007

we’re sorry we haven’t been handing out very many over the past few weeks. We’ll be doing a major revamp of the beta site around Feb 16th and then we’ll crank up the invites again and try to get everyone in. There are a sufficient number of annoyances and bugs in the current release that most of you will be happier to wait.

Not only will the site be a lot slicker in two weeks time, it’s going to look fabulous (darling). We think we’ve found all of the major bugs and most of the minor ones at this stage. The main outcome from the first round of testing was what we expected; people hate having to click on too many links to get the information they need and people hate forms! The main improvements in the user experience in the next revision will be in those areas.

So please bear with us if you have signed up already. If you haven’t and you are a blogger, shoot on over to the main site and add your name to the list.

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