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By Conor O'Neill | February 6, 2007

Ok ok, so this is niche, very niche, possibly “HyperLocal” in Web2 lingo. I just got a mail from Aonghus saying that we got a mention in the Irish language daily newspaper Lá. It’s actually uber-podcaster Conn Ó Muíneacháin‘s article about BarCamp Ireland South East which we attended a few weeks back. There is a only a PDF version right now which will disappear with tomorrow’s edition. When Conn posts a copy on his blog, I’ll put up a link to it so you can stretch the old language muscles.

This is the first time in my life I have blockquoted Irish:

Cuireadh an-suim i dtáirge Conor O’Neill, ó nocht sé don chéad uair ag BarCamp cad é an saghas gnó a bheidh in LouderVoice. Seirbhís léirmheastóireachta atá i gceist, a chuideoidh le blagadóirí a gcáil, agus cáil a suíomh, a mhéadú.

Basically he is saying (forgive my shocking incompetence at Irish, I’d be dead without this dictionary) that we publicly revealed for the first time at BarCamp what LouderVoice is all about. It’s a review web-site that helps build bloggers reputations. Can I just add that “blagadóirí” is an awesome word for bloggers!

Go raibh maith agat Conn!

UPDATE 1: Text of article now over at Conn’s blog.

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