Champing at the bit

By Conor O'Neill | March 5, 2007

The most important feature of LouderVoice (in fact its whole point) is the ability to publish structured reviews to your blog and for us to collect them too. This has not been enabled during Beta test yet and I know many of you are dying to test it out. I hope we can turn it on very very soon and this is just to let you know where we are both in development and testing.

  • Movable Type – Fully functional, may do some style tweaks
  • Typepad – Fully functional, may do some style tweaks
  • Live Journal – One outstanding bug
  • – Testing almost complete, appears to be fully functional
  • Hosted WordPress – Ditto
  • WPMU – Ditto
  • Blogspot/Blogger- Under development. Won’t be available until full launch
  • Windows Live Spaces – they break the markup but they have said they are working on that

Once we’ve added more robustness, we’ll be allowing all the beta testers to switch over to their own blogs. We’ll let you know asap.

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