Can't live without our VMWare

By Conor O'Neill | March 9, 2007

I’ve blogged many times in the past about what a wonderful set of products VMWare have and not just because EMC used to be a customer of Argolon way back. In the last year we have been avid users of VMWare Server. However it has recently been annoying the hell out of us as it required hacking around to get it running on Fedora Core 6. Bizzarely I could run FC6 inside VMWare on XP but could not get VMWare running on FC6 so I could run FC6 in it!

Well they’ve just released v1.0.2 which is almost entirely bug-fixes and it now looks like it runs fine on FC6 and other 2.6.18 kernels.

If you test software a lot, you’re nuts if you don’t use it.

Oh and it looks like we have a fix for the “cannot publish review” bug that hit the other day. That and the *cough* “postcode must be an integer” bug 🙂

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