Microformats – empowering your markup for Web 2.0

By Conor O'Neill | March 27, 2007

John Allsopp, of the seriously good Microformatique site, has just released a book called “Microformats – empowering your markup for Web 2.0″. John has been writing on microformats for quite a while now and it is great to see this book emerge. You can get it on amazon.com or .co.uk

In this book, noted web developer and long time WaSP member John Allsop teaches all you need to know about the technology: what Microformats are currently available and how to use them; the general principles of how they work, so you’ll be able to understand and use future Microformat; how to use Microformats with web sites and software that already support them; and how to create your own. The focus is kept on practical examples as much as possible throughout.

Along with Brian Suda’s eBook, we now have two powerful sources of information for those looking to get involved in this area.

Obviously the core of our site is hReview publishing and aggregation. Hopefully by launch time we’ll have a few more bits of microformats love applied here and there.

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