LouderVoice Twitter Mash-Up

By Conor O'Neill | June 13, 2007

After a few late nights we’re now ready to let you send reviews from Twitter to LouderVoice. We’re calling them LouderTweets and they are 140 character mini-reviews you can send using Web, SMS or IM via Twitter to LouderVoice.

An important point is that you don’t have to be a LouderVoice member to send LouderTweets but you should join if you want to rate, bookmark or build/share useful collections of reviews.

And how do you send LouderTweets as a Twitter user? It’s very simple:

  1. Add the Twitter “review” user as a friend here
  2. Wait until you get a confirmation that you have been added back as a friend
  3. Post reviews using this format on Twitter: @review RATING ITEM: REVIEW
  4. Example: @review 4 The Apprentice UK: A stonkingly good series that has thrown up plenty of surprises
  5. That format is very specific otherwise we won’t pick up the review. The Rating is in the range 1-5 and make sure you follow the ITEM with a Colon and a space
  6. Shortly afterwards that review can be found by searching on www.loudervoice.com (in an open community microformat called hreview)

You can see examples here:


As with all tweets, you can send your review tweet using whatever tool you like: web-page, Google GTalk, SMS, Tweetr etc

This is the first step in supporting LouderTweets and it is highly experimental. We’d love to hear you feedback on what you think.

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