More LouderTweet Instructions

By Conor O'Neill | June 18, 2007

We’re had some feedback from non-Twitter users that they’d like to try out LouderTweets but the original instructions were a bit obscure. Here is the step by step.

  1. You don’t need to have a LouderVoice account
  2. Sign Up for a Twitter account here. All you need to provide is name, username and email address
  3. You don’t need to invite anyone else in so skip that step
  4. Go over the the “review” user’s page here
  5. Click the “add” button to add them as a friend
  6. You’ll get an email shortly afterwards saying that “review” has added you as a friend too
  7. Go to your main twitter page and enter a review in the box as follows:
  8. @review 5 Barry’s Tea. The finest cuppa you are likely to find
  9. So the format is simply @review SPACE Rating SPACE Item Name PERIOD SPACE Review Text
  10. Here is an example Sample Tweet 01

  11. Click the update button and you are done

  12. Within thirty minutes that review can be searched for over at LouderVoice

  13. Here is an example of that Sample LouderVoice 01

  14. LouderVoice members can then rate your review, bookmark it or add it to a collection of bookmarks they are building and sharing with others. e.g. Taste of Dublin Reviews

  15. That’s all there is to it. Keep them coming!

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