LouderVoice Reviewer Referenced by Wall Street Journal

By Conor O'Neill | August 8, 2007

We’ve just found out that one of the most prolific bloggers on LouderVoice, ManicMammy, was referenced by the Wall Street Journal in an article about virtual pets and Webkinz.

The mission of LouderVoice has always been to get the valuable opinions and knowledge of great reviewers heard. ManicMammy is one of a growing breed who actually started blogging so that they could get their reviews online in one place where there reputation resides. She is reporting a serious spike in traffic as a result of the link from the WSJ.

Another regular reviewer, Robin Blandford, over at the very successful TeamGearedUp.com has also reported that they are seeing incoming traffic from LouderVoice.

In the coming weeks we’ll be enabling support for more and more ways of getting your reviews found via LouderVoice. We want to work with you no matter where you write your reviews.

Keep those positive reports coming in!

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