Text Us Your Loves and Your Loathings

By Conor O'Neill | November 20, 2007

We’re really excited by this latest feature. You can now SMS your reviews directly to LouderVoice. So if you walk out of a terrible movie or wonderful restaurant or just want to get your opinion on any product or service off your chest, then now you can. Those reviews will appear within seconds on the LouderVoice site.

The format is simplicity itself:

_Review YourRatingFrom_1_to_5 ItemName: Opinion


It should look like this on your phone:

SMS New Format

Then a few moments later, it will appear on LouderVoice.

We have two numbers you can use: +353-87-9409325 and due to strong demand +44-778-6205133

Each SMS costs your standard network rate if you are texting your local country number.

And if you are feeling strongly opinionated, we do accept multi-message SMSes up to slightly more than 400 characters.

Just add your mobile number to your LouderVoice account, try it out and let us know what you think.

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