Mini-Review Tweak

By Conor O'Neill | December 3, 2007

After getting a lot of user feedback we’ve decided to change the format used in mini-reviews slightly. Whereas before you used fullstop+space to separate the reviewed item from the opinion, we now encourage you to use a colon. This should reduce the number of invalid reviews where the space was left out. Many people also felt that the colon was more logical.

Note that we will continue to support the old format too. Of course the new format means that the review item cannot contain a colon so don’t include http:// if you are reviewing a URL!

Here are screen-shots from reviews on Text Message, Twitter and Jaiku showing the new format in action.

On Text Message you use:

Review RatingFrom1-5 ItemName: Opinion

SMS New Format

On Jaiku you use:

#reviews RatingFrom1-5 ItemName: Opinion

Jaiku New Format

On Twitter you use:

@review RatingFrom1-5 ItemName: Opinion

Twitter New Format

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