Add your Twitter/Jaiku accounts to LouderVoice

By Conor O'Neill | December 19, 2007

After a long gestation peroid we now have proper Twitter and Jaiku support in LouderVoice. Each LouderMini review you do on those sites will be associated to your account here along with any SMS reviews or blog reviews that you do.

We have changed the approach from the previous @review on Twitter and #reviews on Jaiku. It is now basically identical to SMS. To enable it, go to your “My Settings” page on LouderVoice and enter your Twitter and/or Jaiku details as a source.







The main thing to be careful about is to enter the ATOM/RSS feed of your account not of your friends timeline. In Twitter you’ll find the URL of that feed at and in Jaiku the URL is always

Once you’ve added the account(s), you review using a normal Tweet or Viesti in an identical format to SMS:

Review RatingFrom1-5 ItemName: Opinion

So on Jaiku this would look like:


Resulting in this on LouderVoice shortly afterwards:


Let us know if you have any problems and anything else you’d like to see in these LouderMinis.

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