LouderVoice WordPress Plug-in Version 2

By Conor O'Neill | March 30, 2008

We’ve been promising it forever and now we’re finally ready to unveil the all-new LouderVoice WordPress plug-in V2.0. This enables you to write reviews on your blog using an open standard called hReview. Sites like LouderVoice can then index and interpret them more intelligently than raw blog-posts.

The new plug-in is a total re-write based on lots of user feedback and, in particular, some fantastic suggestions and guidance from Robin Blandford.

The all new look

So what’s changed? Everything!

  • It is compatible with WordPress.org from V2.0.3 to the brand new V2.5
  • It now integrates into the normal blog-post editor instead of being a pop-up
  • The extra markup is no longer stored inline in the blog-post body so there is no danger of damaging the extra review information if you go back to edit a post
  • We’ve dropped the summary field and just use the first paragraph of the body as the summary
  • LouderVoice tags are optional, we can make use of tags from all the major tagging systems on WordPress including the built-in one
  • The plug-in pings LouderVoice when you post a new review. Indexing of new reviews should therefore be faster
  • The rating stars are stored locally in the plug-in dir so you can easily change them to suit yourself

What hasn’t changed? It is still microformats compliant and it is still GPL, so hack away if you want to change anything.

A big thanks to John Blackbourn for all the development effort.

Download it from here and please let us know what you think. Heck, why not review it 🙂

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