New version of LouderVoice WordPress Plug-in

By Conor O'Neill | June 4, 2008

Many thanks to Loud Reviewer Frank Prendergast for spotting a bug in our WordPress plug-in. This bug prevented users from setting review posts to publish in the future. The bug has now been fixed and the updated plug-in is available here.

You’ve probably noticed how quiet we’ve been on the blog. Not only have we been fixing a lot of small bugs on the site that crept in with the Version2 launch but we’re been working hard on building our API. This will enable other sites to embed our reviewing functionality on their pages. We’ll be going live very shortly with the first partner on this. This XML API is accessible directly, using a PHP library or using a JS library (with more coming soon).  If this is something you’d like to hear more about, please contact conor AT loudervoice DOT com. We’re putting together some information pages on it at the moment too.

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