LouderVoice in 2008

By Conor O'Neill | January 4, 2009

We’ve had a fantastic year in LouderVoice and it looks like 2009 is going to be even better with a raft of new releases in the next few months. Looking back over last year we achieved the following:

  • In January we launched Flag Tag reviewing which enabled any blogger to have their blog reviews collected by LouderVoice with two simple tags on a post.
  • We also added Twitter/SMS/Jaiku hashtag support
  • In February we sponsored the Best Blog Post in the Irish Blog Awards
  • In March we did our first major revamp with LouderVoice V2 adding on-site reviews and a ton of other features.
  • We also launched V2 of our WordPress Plugin. (Updated Plugin for WP 2.7 coming very soon!)
  • We spent from April to October busy fixing bugs and building our B2B offering
  • In July we started using Get Satisfaction for Customer support. Don’t hesitate to add bug reports or feature requests there.
  • In September we launched Simple SMS reviews requiring just a single keyword
  • We were also Shortlisted in the Irish Web Awards
  • In October we launched LouderVoice for Business to great attention
  • We were also shortlisted in the Irish Software Association Awards
  • And we kicked off our BES 2008 Offering for Irish Investors
  • In November, our first B2B client, Klipsch, went live
  • In December we successfully closed a BES investment round which will ensure our continued success through 2009
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