Internet shoppers rate recommendations and user reviews over price

By Conor O'Neill | April 8, 2009

The LouderVoice customer reviews service is getting a lot of attention from businesses who are looking for ways to retain customers and grow sales in these difficult times.

So the latest research from Avail Intellingence comes as no surprise to us. InternetRetailing reports that the research shows over a third (36%) of respondents rated peer opinions such as recommendations, reviews and customer generated wish lists as the most useful aspect of an Internet-shopping site.

Review Widget Example

We’re currently trialling our review widget solution with several clients. The first of these should go live in the next two weeks. This simple way to “review-enable” your site can be implemented by pasting one line of code on a web-page. Our current record is 5 minutes for implementation but we think we can do better 🙂 Contact business AT loudervoice DOT com.

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