Ultra Simple Mini-Reviews on Twitter

By Conor O'Neill | June 24, 2009

LouderVoice was the first reviews company to realise the importance of Twitter. That’s why we’re the people behind @review which we launched in June 2007.

Since then we’ve played and tweaked mini-reviews based on user feedback.

Following more research we realised that many people were doing mini-reviews using the simple method of just adding #review on to the end of the tweet. This was also the preferred approach in our recent poll.

So this week we finally added support for that. Just write your review as a standard tweet and stick #review in there somewhere. Ideally give a score too. e.g. 45, 5-stars, 710 etc

We’ll add those to LouderVoice throughout the day and link right back to you.

You don’t even need an account on LouderVoice to do this!

So you go from this:

To this:


Happy reviewing.

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