Castlemartyr Resort gives its guests a LouderVoice

By Catherine O'Neill | November 13, 2009

This is the press release that went out to traditional media yesterday:

Guest reviews drive up sales and promote hotel online.


Castlemartyr Resort, the most luxurious hotel in Ireland, now has the market’s most advanced customer reviews solution on its web-site through an alliance with fellow Munster companies LouderVoice and Hotel Consult.

Guests of the resort can now review their stay directly on the site and provide valuable feedback and opinion. Those looking for reviews of Castlemartyr no longer have to trawl the web trying to find random information, but can read genuine reviews by real guests on the hotel site itself. Recent research has shown that over a third of visitors rated peer opinions such as recommendations and reviews as the most useful aspect of e-commerce web-sites.

The Dromoland Group worked closely with Pat O’Neill of Hotel Consult to identify the best solution for their needs and chose LouderVoice’s unique approach which turns customer reviews into powerful sales, marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools. Reviews don’t just appear on the hotel site, they are also aggregated to the LouderVoice reviews website and its mobile phone applications. The use of Facebook and Twitter logins means that guests can recommend the hotels to their friends on their favourite social networks.

Bryan Davern, Castlemartyr Resort says “We are very excited to be able to communicate in this way, so that guests who have already had the experience of our resort, can share this experience with potential guests”

Pat O’Neill, Hotel Consult says “It is fantastic that hotels now have the option of having guest reviews on their own websites. The LouderVoice  approach of enabling guests to send their review to Facebook & Twitter too, is a great feature of the service.”

Conor O’Neill, CEO of LouderVoice says “The businesses that will survive and thrive in this economy are those that listen and react to their customers’ needs. The Dromoland Group embraces this and understands that customer reviews are a key part of that strategy”

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