Luckebox launches. Not your granny’s gift boxes

By Conor O'Neill | November 26, 2009

We’ve been working with the Luckebox team for the past few months and they have impressed the socks off us with their plans. As of today, they have now fully launched.

What do they do? Gift boxes, lots of them, all full of awesomeness. Not rubbish cheese or stale puddings but stuff you actually want!

Each box contains a particular mix of things at a massive discount over retail prices. They include:

  • Box 4 Mum and Dad
  • Box 4 Cooks
  • Box 4 New Year
  • Box of Boys Toys
  • All 4 Girls
  • Weekend Girl
  • Car Stuff
  • French Wine Discovery
  • Feeling Lucke
  • All 4 Music
  • Apple Box

The boxes can be for yourself, your mates or your company.

The Luckebox team really know their stuff and you are going to hear and see them everywhere in the coming weeks. I have my eye on the Wine and Cooks boxes, if anyone I know is reading this 🙂

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