Karl Llewellyn appointed Head of Sales for LouderVoice

By Conor O'Neill | April 7, 2010

Those of you who have followed LouderVoice over the past few years have probably noticed that things have changed a lot in the last few months. All of those changes have been for the better and much of it is due to Karl Llewellyn, our new Head of Sales.

Karl is responsible for driving our new partner strategy and recruiting web professionals as partners so they can offer LouderVoice to their customers. Loudervoice already has customers internationally, but partners are a key part of our formal launch into the UK this year.

For over twenty years Karl has been involved in both tele and field sales on a national and international level. He has worked in communications, finance, and utility industries in Ireland, UK, Australia and the US.

In 1996, Karl founded Phonenet Telemarketing Services, which became one of Ireland’s leading outbound telemarketing services companies. In 2001, as CEO, he took Phonenet, (rebranded to Interaction) to Clonakilty, then internationally to India, Egypt and Estonia to a collective 250 operatives by 2005. In 2006, the Shareholders of company sold to Newcourt PLC for a reported €14million.

Karl is also a founding member of the Young Direct Marketing Association and inaugural chairperson of the Call Centre Management Association.

I can honestly say that bringing Karl on-board has been the key to unlocking the potential we built up in LouderVoice. His drive and energy are incredible and we’re looking forward to continuing to beat all of our forecasts over the coming months and years.

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