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By Conor O'Neill | July 30, 2010

We are often asked what types of business are most suited to reviews. Our answer is “all of them”! LouderVoice┬árecently went live with a UK site called Parcel2Ship which offers a brilliantly simple but powerful service. They have aggregated all the parcel and document delivery services so that you just enter a destination and package size and they show you all the options and prices available.

If only we had known about the service when we were going to Internet World in London in May! We bounced from site to site to site trying to find the best price/delivery combination. Parcel2Ship would have saved us hours of effort and stress.

LouderVoice adds a critical new dimension to the site – reviews. Now you don’t just select based on price but also on what previous users thought of each service. You get the quantitative price comparison and the qualitative feedback.

Parcel2Ship has even gone one step further, you can review both the overall site and the various services. So for someone finding their site for the first time, you now have an immediate sense of trust in the site and can place your order with confidence.

We’re thrilled to see reviews working so well so quickly on Parcel2Ship. Lots more UK announcements coming shortly from LouderVoice HQ!

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