Fastnet Line Cork-Swansea Ferry on-board with LouderVoice

By Conor O'Neill | August 6, 2010

Business books will be written about the amazing story of the new Fastnet LineĀ Ferry to Ireland. This much needed service operating fromĀ Swansea to Cork is proving to be a major success for the region. So you can imagine our excitement at LouderVoice becoming part of this story by powering the customer reviews on their site.

Whilst reviews are important for any business, their importance to new businesses cannot be under-estimated. The response from travellers has been phenomenal since reviews were turned on last week. The unique direct feedback has enabled Fastnet Line to immediately discover what is working very well and what can potentially be changed or improved.

That feedback then goes on to inform anyone thinking of travelling on the Ferry. Customer Reviews are not just about good/bad or right/wrong, they give you the views of a wide range of people so you can discover those with similar requirements to yourself.

Fastnet Line General Manager (Ireland) Paul O’Brien is delighted with the innovation. He commented, “We love getting feedback from our customers and LouderVoice provides us with the tools to keep directly in touch with them which is very powerful for a new company committed to providing great service. We also like that they are a local Cork company like ourselves, innovative and flexible. It promises to be a rewarding partnership and we are delighted to be a part of it.”

The final piece for Fastnet is on-site SEO. All reviews are directly indexable by Google and are formatted with hreview and Google Rich-Snippets.

Fastnet Line have engaged Cork based SEO Consultants, Granite Consulting to work on their online marketing strategy. Robert Carpenter of Granite Consulting said “we are delighted that Fastnet Line have chosen such a proven platform as LouderVoice since customer reviews are an increasingly crucial part of any coordinated SEO strategy.”

“Customer reviews are a great example of user generated content that is a value-add for all parties involved. Not only do these reviews serve as a direct communications channel between Fastnet Line and their customers but they provide open and highly trusted comments on the service provided. In addition they help to fill an information gap that sometimes can be overlooked when providing website detail on a given product or service. Content is still the king and LouderVoice is a great tool to help build new and existing relationships with your customers.”

In these difficult economic times with tourism under pressure, forward-thinking companies like Fastnet Line understand that the best way to grow their business is to get as close as possible to their customers. LouderVoice is one way your business can do that.

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